Nterlude Band TidBits

In 2011 Brian played guitar 360 days out of 365 days.

In 2012 Brian played guitar 351 days out of 365 days
March 2012 First 5 hour gig.
March 2012 First 4 hour gig.
May 2012 First 6 hour gig.
May 2012 First Outside gig.
May 2012 First Outside Night Time gig.
May 2012 Latest gig ever played finished at 2:15am.
June 2012 Quickest gig to accept and play. Accepted gig at 4:30pm and on stage at 9:00pm.
June 2012 First time someone used the Contact/ Booking Info form to setup a gig.
June 2012 First time someone requested a song using our "Song Request" tab.
April 2012 Leo was finally able to play Wipe Out without stopping.
December 2011 Nterlude Band plays their first gig at Dan Electros.
February 2012 Nterlude Band went from a 4 peice band to a 3 piece band.
February 2012 Nterlude Band played at Fitzgerald's for the first time.
August 2012 First time the band was flashed by a lady.
August 2012 First time gigs were posted 4 1/2 months in advanced.
Sept 2012 First time to play 2 gigs in one day. 1pm - 3:30pm and 8pm - 12am
Feb 2013 Fartherest gig played Surfside\Freeport Tx.
March 2013 Leo (Drums) played "Testify" without errors for the first time.
April 2013 First time the band was asked to sign a ladies chest.
Sept 2013 - Started using wireless setup on Guitar and Bass.

Nov 2013 - First time confirmed 3 gigs in one day.